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11th Annual NBSA National Masters Invitational

25 and over, in conjunction with the Nevada State Senior Games. This event is open to all shooters over the age of 25, who make 96% or better of the free throws in practice, make 96% or better in shooting competition, or can make over 85% of their free throws in game time.

This is a prize money event.

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The NBSA was established in November of 2009 by a group of free throw masters and world record holders with a mission to improve free throw shooting at all levels of competition. The NBSA will accomplish its mission by:

  • Collaborating with free throw experts around the world to organize, develop, and provide the best free throw instruction possible via expert articles, books, videos, clinics, and practice programs for individuals and teams.
  • Making free throw shooting fun and competitive via individual and team competitions and ranking systems.
  • Publishing research, news, and stats that validate the importance of free throws in winning basketball games.

Schedule of Events

Elks Hoop Shoot

According to the NBSA, the most Important basketball shooting event of every year is the ELK’S HOOP SHOOT, for boys and girls, 8 to 13 years old. It is a national competition, with local, city, state, regional competitions, leading to the National Final held in Springfield Mass. It is FREE to enter and participant, starting at the local level.
The Elk’s paid all the expenses of the National finalists and their families to attend and compete. The Elk’s are a service group and have Lodges and Hoop Shoot competitions in practically every city in the USA. Go to for more information, to find your local Elk’s Lodge, your local free throw competition, and the Hoop Shoot rules and procedures.
Local competition starts around the end of October – November of every year.

Photo for masters invitational

NBSA Event #1

2024, in Las Vegas. 11th Annual NBSA National Masters Invitational, 25 and over, in conjunction with the Nevada State Senior Games.

NBSA Huntsman World Senior Free Throw Championship

NBSA Event #2

October 14 2024, in St. George Utah. 11th Annual NBSA/Huntsman World Senior Free Throw Championship in conjunction with the Huntsman World Senior Games.

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NBSA Event #3

TBD –  The 2025 NBSA Nationals is open to all ages, 8 to 100, and levels of ability.  There are three divisions.

Steve nash shooting

NBSA Event #4

NBSA / FTM  –  Free Throw Mastery Analysis Events, to be announced, and held at various dates, times and locations, primarily in Los Angeles.

Adam for the coaches clinic

NBSA Event #5

NBSA / FTM  –  Free Throw Mastery Coaches Clinic.  Held once a year at our NBSA Nationals.  2025 National date, and location available soon.

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To participate in any of our NBSA basketball shooting events or tournaments, a paid yearly membership is required. To take instruction in person or remotely, through the internet, also requires a paid yearly membership.

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NBSA Basketball Shooting Coaches

Are you a basketball player or competitive shooter that wants to make major improvements in your shooting? Many people say practice makes perfect, but the truth is perfect practice makes perfect! Take action today and hire an NBSA Shooting Coach! Learn the proper shooting mechanics and perfect practice principles and become a basketball shooting master!

Jim Schatz

Jim Schatz organized and founded the National Basketball Shooters Association, with a group of free throw mastery experts.

Eddie Palubinskas

Eddie Palubinskas

“The Surgeon General of Free Throw” Eddie P is universally known as the very best active free throw shooter on the planet.

Adam Filippi

Adam Filippi is the Director of Global Scouting for the Charlotte Hornets, after spending 10 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers and winning 3 NBA championship rings.

James Pauley

James Pauley is a renowned shooting coach and Master Shooter who is currently the world’s top ranked free throw shooter. 

Bob Owens

Bob is an original NBSA founder, and he also serves on our Free Throw Mastery Elite Instructional team.

Instructional Articles And Videos

Jim Schatz

Jim Schatz organized and founded the National Basketball Shooters Association, with a group of free throw mastery experts.

Hero Sure

Agbogidi Cosmos, “Hero Sure”, and he was 16 years old and 6’4″ when this video was made, in 2020. He lives in Nigeria.

Free Throw Mastery

Free Throw Mastery clinics are tentatively being scheduled to begin in Los Angeles. We will build our FTM Coaches Clinic team work from these.

Steve Nash

Steve Nash’s use of visualization during free throws

Ed Palubinskas

Analysis of freethrow form of Ed Palubinskas from right side

Ed Palubinskas

Freethrow shooting form analysis of Ed Palubinskas left side view

Ed the Shooting Surgeon General on Working with Shaq

– The search for shooting perfection continues. NBSA (National Basketball Shooters Association) president Ed Palubinskas talks to MOUTHPIECESPORTS personality Jillian Jesk about working with Shaquille O’Neal on his free throw shooting. Also, watch as he gives his tips on how to pull off a consistent basketball shot.