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Eddie Palubinskas

“The Surgeon General of Free Throw” Eddie P is universally known as the very best active free throw shooter on the planet. Still competing today, ranked #2 by the NBSA, Ed is shooting over 99% in practice, and 98% in competition and exhibitions. Eddie is one of the original NBSA founders, and serves on our NBSA / FTM Board or Directors.

Eddie is very well known in the NBA and WNBA and has helped many well known professional players improve their fundamentals and shot. He has set records with his coaching and has won an NBA championship ring. No one has done a better job of teaching free throw mastery at the highest levels of basketball. As a professional player himself, he set many records, and was one of the best to ever play for Australia. An Olympic Champion. .

Despite his many shooting accomplishments, Eddie P is probably best known as “Shaq’s Coach“, when Shaq was with the Lakers. Shaquille O’Neal went from 33% to 66%, in one season, shooting over 70% in the championship play-offs, which the Lakers won that year.

In 2009, after working with Ed in the pre-season, the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA set the team pro free throw percentage over 85%. The NBSA currently defines game time free throw mastery at 85%, and projects it to be 90% within the next ten years. We are improving shooting at a very fast pace, Ed claims, and we are just getting started with our FTM Instructional team, and remote instructions from a newer website currently being designed and constructed.